From Being Stuck to Flow with

When a thought sticks…

In work and everyday life, there are almost daily situations that the thoughts go into a node, and there is no way to find a solution to a problem or a way out of an energy-threatening situation. There may be a loss of power, a lack of concentration, an unpleasant situation in the workplace, problems with the spouse or otherwise everything is in stuck.

When that happens, coaching is a great help! Often, a longer process is needed for more in-depth change, but sometimes a quicker punctual aid is enough. Even the fact that you do not need to be alone, makes it easier! It´s also an advantage that the help comes from a neutral outside person, to whom you can trustfully open up and get the best possible support.

Powerful CoRe-Combination 

COACHING is a truly wonderful way to bring concrete results to everyday challenges! As a coach I will help you to wind up your thoughts by challenging, encouraging, questioning and asking powerful questions. Coaching activates creativity and helps you see things more broadly for insights that will help you to move on in your situation.

REIKI therefore, is a powerful tool for defragment and relaxation yourself. As a Reiki Practitioner, I will pass on the gentle and powerful energy so that you heal yourself from the inside. Because everything is energy and Reiki is energy transmission, it also works remotely without physical contact! To receive Reiki prepare with a clear intention: this is what I’m going to get care or help

Coaching & Reiki (CoRe) together deliver a comprehensive energy booster! CoRe will bring you back to your own strength, yours. Both the mind and the body are refreshed and the flow of work can continue!

When Coaching & Reiki are Combined, Magic will Happen!

This is how it works! 

Reserve a quiet place and at least one hour of your own time!

  1. A 30-minute coaching about your current topic with Skype or WhatsApp
  2. After that lay down and relax with your intentions for 20 minutes of Reiki-energy. It´s good to rest for a while after the treatment and drink plenty of water!
  3. Finally, tell your feelings, thoughts or insights by email  – I will answer your message as soon as possible.

Reiki energy will continue doing good within you as long as you need and benefit, so be present with the feelings after the treatment!

Tiina´s experience of CoRe

“I have experience of both normal 1.5-hour coachings and remote Reiki treatments, so it was interesting to see how their combination works. Compared to the normal coaching there was only half an hour available. This compact time with Kaija kept the conversation very well together, focusing on my selected topic. Reiki brought a good addition to balancing and relaxation after the conversation and thus contributed to the emergence of important insight. I recommend to try this!”

A package of 3 times

With the package of three times you already notice the results!

The price of the package (total 3 times) is 249 € including 24% VAT, 30 minutes coaching, 20 minutes rehab and 10 minutes e-mail discussion.

Feel free to contact me!