From Fog to Clarity!

Clarify Your Life!

Sometimes things happen in life that take away our attention from the essential. There are so many alternatives and choices blurring our view that it´s easy to get lost in the labyrinth. You might feel like you are lost and stuck and no longer know what to do or what you want anymore. The inner power fades and the frustration grows.

The object of clarification can be almost anything! For example:

  • joy / vitality / inspiration / self-confidence / motivation
  • wellness / health / balance
  • home / relationship / family
  • work / study
  • present / future

When the thread of life disappears, it may be difficult to find it again by yourself or even with the help of a friend. With the neutral eyes of an outsider and with a gentle call to awaken, the situation opens up in a new way and you can start to feel in charge of your own life again. That’s what this personal coaching is all about!

Award of Investing in Yourself

After this 3-month personal coaching, you will have gained clarity.

  • Increased self-esteem. Turning limited beliefs into a resource.
  • Strengthen self-worth and confidence. You start believing in yourself.
  • You are gentler and more understanding with yourself. You are learning to be your best friend.
  • You are more present and open to hear your inner wisdom.
  • You are more connected to your own power and are freer to fulfill your life.
  • You have the courage and tools to make the necessary changes.
  • You are learning to enjoy your life.
  • You know how to help yourself!

How Does Coaching Work?

I live part of the year in Finland, where I originally come from and the other part in Northern Spain. Luckily the distance doesn´t matter as we have Skype and WhatsApp for coaching sessions.

Initally, a complimentary 30-minute-conversations to discuss how I can help you. After which you decide if this program is for you.

The coaching program includes:

  • Before the first session I will send you pre-assignments with instructions.
  • 3 x 1.5 hours coaching every month. We will use powerful coaching questions, mindfulness, visualization exercises, and inspirational Reiki energy.
  • You will have homework to move forward between coaching sessions. It is therefore important that you commit to the process and have enough time for exercises, reflections and insights.
  • Finally, we´ll have a 45-minute feedback session with the summary of the coaching and to go over to tools that you can now use on your own. This is also a good moment to review any future steps and possibilities.

Anne´s Experience of SoulSolana-Coaching

Anne left her regular office job and started working as an entrepreneur. The change was harder than she had imagined and that´s why she turned to me to get help in her tough situation. These are her thoughts about the process:

“I can describe Kaija’s work in two words: strong and gentle. Kaija firmly directed me to revise my thinking patterns, habits and attitude. I got the tools to manage my mind. I found ways to end the useless dialogue in my head.

I highly recommend Kaija if you need a good coach in your life issues. She helped me believe in myself and have faith in the future. I felt Kaija valued and appreciated me exactly as I am, but she did not give me an easy way out and that was the thing that helped me the most. Kaija is fully present and gives her all. Just by being in her harmonious and luminous essence is calming and comforting.”

Tailored Coaching for You! 

Each person and every situation is unique. To serve you the best possible way, I will carefully listen to your needs and design the perfect package for you.

  1. A complimentary 30-minute  mapping-session to discuss your situation. There is no obligation at this point.
  2. I’ll design the perfect SoulSolana coaching package proposal for you.
  3. When you’re ready, we´ll start.

Feel free to contact me!