From just OK to Meaningfull -What Will I Be When I GROW UP?

Lost motivation?

Regardless of age, many of us are still thinking about what I might become when I grow up. What more could I do than the current job that no longer seems meaningful? After momentary enthusiasm, motivation is repeatedly declining, the company’s set of values have changed or for some other reason the work just doesn´t feel meaningful any more.

There might still be work years left and inside there is the feeling, that I still have something to give! What could it be? Do I dare to find out? Do I dare to jump to the unknown? Do I bother to do the work with myself and start a change? However, there is good pay and vacations and everything … Still, something gnawing from the inside. Satisfactory is no longer enough, but something within me wants more. It calls for something that matters! Does this sound familiar?

Voyage of discovery

Coaching for a meaningful work, finding your own place, and finding your job expands your hidden dreams, concealed potential, and opens doors to something completely new you would not have thought you could find! This sparring that focuses on you will nourish your creativity and cast your faith in your gifts, your abilities, yourself.

The end result can not be known in advance, but it is always positive:

  • You can find a new motivation for your current job
  • Or due to changes happening within you, your abilities might be noticed and you´ll be offered a position your worth.
  • Or you’ll find something totally new!

Anyway, you get a new boost for your work life and useful tools for the rest of your life.

Multiple benefits! 

Depending on how familiar you already are with yourself, the duration of the coaching process is usually 6-9 months. When you commit to this journey you will gain e.g. this:

  • Clarity on what you want from your life. Courage to dream and manifest your dreams.
  • Increased meaningfulness through a new profession or other significant choices.
  • Courage to make the necessary changes in your life.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-knowledge. You learn to recognize your strengths and development, turn your limited thoughts and beliefs into a resource.
  • Increased creativity as you dare to think think “out-of-the-box” and step out of the comfort zone.
  • You are gentler and more understanding with yourself. You are learning to be your best friend.
  • Ability to be more present and open to hear your inner wisdom.
  • You learn to hold your own limits and stay in your own power.
  • Increased vitality and well-being. You dare to be and show who you really are!

How does coaching work in practice?

I live part of the year in Finland, where I originally come from and the other part in Northern Spain. Luckily the distance doesn´t matter as we have Skype and WhatsApp for coaching sessions.

The coaching program includes:

  • Initially, take 30 minutes to discuss your situation: what is your situation now, to where you want to have help and what length of training would be the best option for you.
  • I will send you pre-assignments with instructions before the first session.
  • 6-9 times of 1.5 hours coaching session is held every month. As a work method I use eg. powerful coaching questions, mindfulness and visualization exercises, Keys to Balance® -self-knowledge method, and inspirational Reiki energy.
  • Plenty of exercises for finding a new profession / life assignment. Development will also take place between discussions. It is therefore important that you surrender to the process and spare enough time for exercises, reflections and insights.
  • Observe and Learn – self-knowledge guide
  • Finally, a further 30 minutes feedback session and a summary of the coaching session will be held, as well as agreeing on the progress.

Terhi´s experience of Coaching

Terhi started the coaching to anticipate a possible 40-year-crisis and decided consciously to jump into the driver seat in her life. She was happy with her work, but felt that she was using her energy to build a wrong career. Terhi’s thoughts on coaching:

“In Kaija´s coaching, I started to find out what kind of job would be for me. To my surprise, I realized that it is more important to look first at myself than on a career. With the help of very concrete tasks, I had the desired result: I learned to be happy with myself. I also got useful tools to work on my own ideas. These means I have used often after the training period.

My job became more meaningful when I knew who I really am. I started living my own life 24 hours a day, not just on holidays and weekends. I realized how I will live my kind of everyday life. After restoring my everyday life, I also received a new job. The search process was fair to both parties – I could tell what kind of person really was available.

This has been one of my best investments I have ever made.”

Spread your wings and find the joy of working again!  

Everything starts with your decision to do something about the unsatisfactory situation! Then please contact me so we can proceed:

  1.  A 30-minute complimentary mapping-session to discuss what you need help with. We´ll talk and see how can I help you with no strings attached.
  2. I’ll design the perfect SoulSolana coaching package proposal for you.
  3. When you’re ready, we´ll start.

Are you ready to spread your wings?

Feel free to contact me!