Do you want to change your life?

To find hidden talents that are waiting to be discovered.

We all have many of such talents.
So much potential.

Will you let it be seen?

When someone truly sees you,
miracles happen!

I know from my own experience that change is possible, but alone it can be slow and difficult. Someone with right questions, someone who listens, challenges and encourages is an invaluable support on that path. That is why I would like to help you, should you find yourself in a crossroads, so that you may find your authentic power with ease and grace.

I will help you

It would be an honor and a joy to journey with you towards your best possible life and the best possible you. Will you accept?

The turning point

I remember the exact moment when the greatest transformation of my life begun. I had been frustrated, unhappy and stressed for quite a while and it started to show. The turning point came when I snapped at my co-worker and scared myself as well.

For a moment I looked at myself as if from outside and wondered: Who is that person? Not me! I don’t know her. I was terrified how awful I felt and disappointed at what kind of person I had become.  I did not know myself, if I ever had…

Now or never!

That moment stopped my world and begun a new phase in my life. I had already taken classes, read books and what not for self growth, but now I was at a crossroads, where I knew that I must change! No avoiding it anymore, I made a decision to do whatever it takes to become the person I truly wanted to be.  I wanted to find myself and be authentically happy!

The Journey of Life

I am still on that journey and in retrospect feel infinitely grateful for that unpleasant moment; it saved me! Without the decision in that crucial moment, and all that followed, I would not be the person I am. Through thick and thin I have learnt to live in my skin, to accept myself and to enjoy life.